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BeautyLife Brightening Pearl SPF 25 PA+++ Day Cream 15gm / Day Cream / Sunscreen / Sun Protection / Pigmentation Prevention

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What can sunscreen prevent?

The main function of sunscreen products is to protect the skin from UVA and UVB damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

UVB is medium-wave ultraviolet rays, making the skin sunburn and turning red in a short period of time.

UVA is a long-wave ultraviolet with strong permeability. It can directly reach the dermis of the skin, destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers, cause wrinkles and fine lines, and accelerate skin aging;

UVA is 15 times that of UVB in the sun's ultraviolet energy distribution, which is the main reason for skin tanning. It can reduce the content of water-bound hyaluronic acid in the skin, dry the skin, accelerate the formation of melanin, and darken the complexion. It is also an important cause of skin cancer.


üLooks young!

üPigmentation prevention

üMaintain white and delicate skin

Need to maintain beauty & healthy skin, apply Day Cream or sun protection is part of our daily routine.

Apply Day Cream or Sun Protection correctly is the point;

When did we need to apply day cream or sun protection?

Even you aren’t going outside or work in the office, but still important to wear day cream or sun protection indoors because harmful rays can penetrate windows and some evidence suggests blue light from computer and smartphone screens can damage the skin. 

Pigmentation prevention, so wearing day cream or sun protection daily is a must if we want to maintain beauty and healthy skin.

How to apply in daily skin routine?

Base skin routine;

²Wash face


²Essence / Serum

²Emulsion / Lotion / Cream

²Day Cream / Sun Protection

BeautyLife Brightening Pearl SPF 25 PA+++ Day Cream 15gm

üCream type

üPortable / Small packaging

üDelicate skin tone after apply

üSuitable to any skin tone, age, type.

üGood choice! in indoor work, office / No burden to the skin


Even we use what type of sun protection, make-up, no make-up. Please make sure that your skin is clean before going to bed. Double-clear is a better skin routine. makeup removal plus wash face with face cleanser.