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  • We do not ship, address to a P.O box to avoid shipping problem.
  • Double-check the order and delivery address carefully at checkout. After checkout, it will be ship according to the ordered, including the Shipping Address.
  • At the moment, we do not ship outside of Malaysia until a further announcement.
  • Available for one order for one shipping address. Multiple addresses, please place the order separately. 
  • The complete order will ship out the next day on business days from Monday to Friday, excluding Malaysia National holidays.Checkout on Friday & Saturday, the shipping will out on coming Monday as usually except is Public Holiday.
  • During the peak, online sales, promotional periods, and festive season orders and deliveries may take a little more time but will no disappointed by you. We strive to ship your order within the shortest time possible.The Skincare products will receive within 7 days of the working day.
  • Shipment Timing, if you have a question about the status of your order, please reference the Order Confirmation Number, email us at [email protected] We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible within the working day.

There will be STRICTLY NO REFUNDS for any shipping & handling charges.

  • Please contact the courier service within a stipulated time frame for the next shipment, if no one signs the order when arrived.
  • 2 attempts shipment or do not pick up the order at a nearby location as stated by the courier service center.We will not refund or send the goods again. Consumers must consider about the address where they can receive the goods.
  • To avoid Shipping Problem, please make sure that your Shipping Address is correct before checkout & make sure someone receives the order.

What happens if my order gets stuck or lost in the shipment? 

All of the orders will ship with insured shipping and handling. If an order sent back or even lost during the delivery process, we apologize! The courier service is out of our control. However, in cases like this, because the parcels are insured, we will send you a new package with quicker shipping and full tracking, if possible. 

Why is my order shipped in different parcels?

If you have a multi-item order, each item may is ship from a different international warehouse, depending on which one has them available the fastest. Alternatively, if an item is popular and on a bit of a backorder, we might ship your items at different times, in separate packages, to prevent holding up your order and to get it to you as fast as possible!

The Skincare products wouldn't behave the problem of this. All skincare products will ship out the next day on business days from Monday to Friday, excluding Malaysia National holidays.

Is shipping free?

Not all products are free shipping, but almost free. Please handle carefully before checkout.

All our skincare products are free shipping, even it only 1 piece.

Need to take how long the order will arrive at the buyer?

All our Skincare products will use Express Courier Service in Malaysia. Arrive at the buyer, have to consider the Shipping Address within Kuala Lumpur & Selangor need around 2-3days. State to states may need 4~5days, but outskirt of state may take some time. As long as the Shipping Address is correct, the order should be arriving. It feels that the order wouldn't arrive, as usual, please do not hesitate to contact us at chat with us on our website or email us at [email protected] come with the Order Reference No we will check and reply to you as soon as possible.

Other orders like beauty tools, equipment, a facial towel may need some time because ship out directly from different factories or countries to the buyer. As long as the Shipping Address is correct, the order should be arriving. Don't make the order. If the buyer needs the item urgently—we apologize for this. We will look into it & upgrade it in the future.