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BeautyLife Peeling Gel 80gm / FLAWLESS SKIN / LOOKS YOUNG

RM 160.00
  • Promote flawless skin
  • Glowing up radiant skin
  • Looks younger, fresh, shinning
  • Promote skin to fully absorb nutrients
  • More brightening & smooth after makeup
  • Remove dead skin to smooth our skin layer
  • Suitable for all skin types include sensitive skin
  • Promotes skin tone and smoothing skin texture evenly

BeautyLife Peeling Gel is using the enzymes released by the fermentation broth of lactic acid bacteria, it can gently and easily remove the old and dead keratin on the skin, improve the pore-clogging caused by the long-term accumulation of keratin, help the absorption of subsequent maintenance ingredients, update the keratin metabolism and dull skin problems, makes the skin appear fresh, soft and smooth gloss, and can deeply protect the skin, the skin is more delicate and smooth after use.


Corallina Officinalis Extract

The main ingredients include marine enzymes, epithelial growth factors, and trace elements. It has been proven to improve skin moisture, improve skin dryness, reduce fine lines, reduce external damage, stimulate cell metabolism, and its excellent antioxidant effect, which can delay skin aging, thereby strengthening skin texture and revitalizing skin.

Lactococcus Ferment Extract

It releases enzymes and catalyzes the keratinocytes on the surface of the skin, sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands, and lipid peroxides produced by oxidation, which are decomposed and produce a complex factor with whitening effect, inhibiting the conversion of melanocytes to melanin. It also has obvious effects on the enamel. It is very suitable for blending with other whitening ingredients to obtain the additive effect. Its moisturizing ability has been confirmed by research, it has extremely effective water content, and it is a very useful ingredient for long-term conditioning and maintenance.

D-Panthenol Vitamin B5

Moisturizing, long-lasting and soft, can improve skin roughness and keratinization, mainly used to prevent rough skin, acne, sunburn, and itching.