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Peppermint Peel-off Soft Powder Mask / Treatment & Cleansing Mask / oily skin / pimple / acne / pore purifying / lightening / acne treatment

RM 55.00
  • Alcohol-free!
  • Fragrance-free!
  • Mineral oil-free!
  • Artificial color free!
  • Animal substance free!
  • Chemical-free!

Among the facial masks range, the Peel-off Soft Mask Powder is the best choice for deep cleansing and purifying skincare products, but the process is relatively complicated. Thurs most people will choose to do this type of facial care in a beauty salon. Now, our Peel-off Soft Mask Powder skincare range is available for you for your home use and it is the quality care that you get in the beauty salon. Bring the beauty home today, with our easy to use Peel-off Soft Mask Powder anytime, anywhere.

The Peel-off Soft Powder Mask that benefits to our skin; 

  • Peel-off Soft Powder Mask work by removing the upper layer of the skin – it is actually a great way to uncover the healthy, glowing, and new skin that is hidden beneath any dull and dead cells.
  • Setting facial masks. provides different types of special masks that can serve varying needs of the skin. Well-chosen products can target all skin ailments, quick and potent results.
  • This produces a smoother skin texture, and can also help balance out pigmentation.
  • The peel-off soft powder masks can deep assist in fading fine lines and cleaning out pores. By visibly reducing pore size and revealing firmer skin, the peel-off soft powder mask can help you look years younger by boosting your complexion’s appearance to look brighter and more youthful.
  • Its enable eliminate acne-causing dirt and bacteria
  • Peel-off Soft Powder masks can alleviate the issue by helping to absorb excess oil from your skin, while simultaneously unclogging and purifying your pores. This leaves you with a natural matte and clarified complexion.

Any inquiries, please do not hesitate to chat with us. We will make sure you know how to use it.

How to use BeautyLife Peppermint Facial Mask?

  • Dosage 25gm/facial treatment. Peppermint Soft Mask no recommended use for Neck Treatment but as oily or acne backside Treatment is suitable.
  • Mixed with Mask Activator or purified water is good enough. Stir well and apply a thin layer of 1-3mm on your face quickly. Peel of after 20~25 mins. Rinse with water.