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BeautyLife Deep Nourishing Cream 30gm FOR AGING SKIN, DRY SKIN, NOURISHING SKIN

RM 220.00
  • Prevent anti-aging
  • Strengthening series
  • Looks younger & brighten
  • Suitable for dry skin, and mature skin

Adding plant-based botulinum, small molecular peptide botulinum extracted by the biological conversion process, low molecular weight, easily absorbed by the skin, with yam extract, soy isoflavones, and various moisturizing essences, to relax muscles The anti-wrinkle effect smoothes fine lines and wrinkles from the inside, helping the skin to regenerate and make the skin instantly younger and shinier.


Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter
Huge water absorption capacity, excellent hydration, can promote skin suppleness, in addition to the special water absorption ability that cannot be achieved by ordinary oils, it contains high concentrations of phytosterols and natural vitamin E to reduce ultraviolet rays on the skin Damage, it can effectively fight free radicals, has a good effect on skin repair and regeneration, strengthen skin repair and defense capabilities, is the most ideal mild ingredient to soothe and repair damaged skin after sun exposure.

Isononyl Isononanoate
Commonly known as silk oil, it is easily absorbed by the skin and has high ductility. It also has extremely high stability for cosmetics. A layer of permeable film will be formed on the skin so that the skin is completely unburdened and can breathe freely.

Corallina Officinalis Extract
The active ingredient from the ocean contains marine enzymes, epithelial growth factor, and trace elements. It has been proven to increase the moisture content of the skin, deepen the skin to strengthen its water-locking effect, restore moisturizing gloss, lighten fine lines, and improve skin dryness. And reduce the damage caused by the external environment, soothe the discomfort of the skin, its excellent antioxidant effect can delay the aging of the skin, long-term release of various active factors to nourish the skin, and thus strengthen the skin texture, give the skin a new vitality.

Anti-aging, plant-based botulinum toxins can eliminate fine lines (expression lines) caused by machinery and make the skin look smoother and feel firmer.