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COMPANION SET / Lightening Serum + BeautyLife Cell Active Cream

RM 260.00

Tips to all: 

Avoid applying on the eye contour.

BeautyLife Lightening Serum which is the use of nanotechnology, with superior penetration and oxidation stability, can stay to six hours or more in the dermis and slow release of L-Ascorbic Acid without oxidase. BeautyLife Lightening Serum which has the hydrophilic and lipophilic double feature. Can Promote the synthesis of collagen, fade pigmentation, dark spots, freckles, age spots, sunburn and other types of spots and wrinkles, eliminate pock repair pit, can quickly get rid of the dull melanin, increase skin whitening flexibility, particularly easy to dry, sensitive, inflamed skin with a unique immune protective effect. NO fragrances, pigments, oils, and preservatives, free of interfacial active ingredients and animal ingredients.

BeautyLife Cell Active Cream is to improve uneven skin color, provide uniform repair, deep nourish, purify the skin, glowing skin vitality, promote skin translucently flawlessly.

Specification & Usage;

step 1 - Make-up removal at nighttime or before bed time

step 2 - Cleansing

step 3 - Scrub/Exfoliating at least once at nighttime

step 3 - Toner to balance your skin & hydrating after cleanse.

step 4 - Eye care

step 5 - BeautyLife Lightening Serum 

             Avoid applying from the eyes area

step 6 - BeautyLife Cell Active Cream 

             Avoid applying from the eyes area

Step 7 - day cream for day time

Step 8 - sun protection for day time

Even though the combination is perfect but still can buy separately or use individuals separately.