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What are the differences between Ampoule, Essence & Serum?

Essence vs Serum Essence

Serum and Essence are a water-based treatment that contains higher concentrations of active ingredients and nutrients, such as vitamins C, E, and K. The active ingredients in each bottle of serum are different, and the skin problems are also different, so you must find the right product and take the right product. The smaller the molecules in the serum, the more they can penetrate the pores and reach the deeper layers of the skin.

Both Essence and Serum are collectively referred to as essences. They are all extracted by extracting the most essential parts of the raw materials, and the maintenance liquid is made to supplement the skin's nutrients. They are mainly three major effects divided into moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging.

The texture of Essence is relatively watery, and it is usually the essence with small molecules. It can provide a foundation for the skin and strengthen the effectiveness of subsequent skincare products. The Essence compare between Serum is relatively oily. 


Ampoule which contains highly concentrated beauty ingredients is usually concentrated in small glass bottles. They can be effective in a short time. They are very suitable for skin emergency treatment, but the price is relatively expensive. 

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