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Do you know that the metabolic cycle of healthy skin is several days?

Those who understand the skin structure can answer "about 28 days", but do you know? The time for cell growth and metabolism varies with age and constitution. So how to accurately calculate a metabolism cycle of your skin?

What is the concept of the so-called skin physiological cycle?
It is the cells of the epidermis layer, which are generated from the basal layer, go to the dermis layer, then the granular layer, and the stratum corneum. The time to reach the stratum corneum is 28 days. The process of aging and death, the shorter the cycle, the higher the freshness of the outermost epidermal layer after its renewal.

Twenty-five years of age is an ideal physiological cycle of the skin. After the age of twenty-five to thirty, this physiological cycle will tend to a relatively stable state. Still, after thirty years of age, skin cells The speed of division will become slower and slower. As the generation gets older, the cycle of the skin will become longer and longer. It is also because the physiological period of this skin cell has such a characteristic that women should start proper care when they are about 25 years old. When the skin begins to be maintained, the surface will last longer from the beginning—the one reason why skincare needs to be done early.

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